Guillaume, a real straight guy get sucked in despite of him by my masseur. Its brand new video! (HD)

He was on trip in Paris. I had planned a long massage 4 hands, ie two guys would give a massage to this beautiful straight guy when he came, and he came! What brave! If he had known how it would happen ... :)

My assistant, a real masseur did not hesitate to massage the strong chests of Guillaume. It was expected that the massage would made by 2 guys but my assistant-masseur was more urgent than I to touch the beautiful shape that appeared in the pants of this straight guy to cause a begining of erection .

Guillaume blocked the hand of Ken and massage continued until Guillaume removes his underwear. He did not want anyone to touch his cock but Ken was able to relax Guillaume giving him a massage so much that by massaging around his cock, it stiffened and we could start to wank him, his strong cock of straight male.

I felt that Guillaume was excited by this very sensual massage so I suggested to my assistant to taste the big cock of this straight guy that despite his astonishment over the way took the massage, left jim get sucked by a guy.

Ken has swallowed this big cock that stood in front of him . Ken's mouth was hard to swallow everything, so Guillaume has quite a big cock !

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